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Some Linux Command Line Tricks


This is a modified version based on http://www.linuxjournal.com/content/time-saving-tricks-command-line.

  • Ctrl-r: reverse interactive search of command history.
  • Ctrl-w: cut text backward until space.
  • Ctrl-l: clear the command window.
  • Esc-Backspace: cut one word backward.
  • Esc-Delete: cut one word forward.
  • Ctrl-k: cut from current position until the end of the line.
  • Ctrl-y: paste the most recently cut text.
  • Ctrl-a: jump to the beginning of the line.
  • Ctrl-e: jump to the end of the line.
  • Esc-b: jump one word backward.
  • Esc-f: jump one word forward.

Funny Commands

tac: print the content of a text file in reverse order, i.e., from last line to first line. yes “some string” : print a given string, till interrupt instruction is given. shuf: random selection from a bunch of lines. <space> Command : avoid the Command to be recorded by history.

Maybe useful

du -h –max-depth=1: print the size of sub-folders within the current directory, in human readable format. nl filename: number the lines of a file. curl ifconfig.me : print the external IP address. last: show the history of last logged in users.